[1] Frobbitawa [2] Wacko [3] Snarfopoulos
[4] MacGribbet [5] Rigrodowski [6] Jaffe
[7] Vrapiknuck [8] Gloppajobb [9] Drullah
[10] Warbloid [11] Rimpfinski [12] Von Stupples Der Pooples
[13] Blop Mann [14] Jabbazhad (Baravarian&Baradarian) [15] Plaffiotto
[16] Gripples [17] Nimpfette [18] Lars Blackshoe III
[19] Nesbit Melvin [20] Lucy [21] Effluvia Jack
[22] Rouble Fluxum [23] Stimpy [24] Wilboit
[25] Donely [26] Dingboit [27] Frechen Sperboit
[28] Jimbo [29] Smookster [30] Yipples
[31] Yesman
Welcome to the baffling world of the Brobbits, where fantasy and reality fuse to produce the most varied array of oddballs and freaks ever assembled in a single webpage. You may choose to believe what you see here, or you may dismiss it as pure fancy; but, in either case, we hope your visit will be an eye-opening experience. So what are the Brobbits, you ask? The Brobbits - more fantastical than the travels of Lemuel Gulliver. The Brobbits - more outrageous than an episode of Jerry Springer. The Brobbits - more mysterious than the alien corn-field circles. The Brobbits - I wish I could tell you what they are, but I haven't a clue. Yet, if your curiosity is keen enough to attempt to answer your own questions, then read on. And if the thought of Jerry Springer episodes like "Hi, Honey, I'm really a Floobot," or "Baby, I only married you for your effluvia" intrigue you, then, by all means, read on. But if you do, prepare to suspend your disbelief.