Blop Mann

ID 13
NAME Blop Mann
SOUND wakka

BlopMan Teaser

One of the world's most respected Vegans (for his refusal to use or consume any animal products), Blopman has captured our attention for his vocal denunciation of what he calls "Blackshoe's exploitive circus, man." When approached by Lars Blackshoe III (never daunted in his personal missions) to perform in the circus, Blopman reputedly laughed uproariously for twenty minutes or so. Though some credit his laughter to several monumental bong hits taken just prior to meeting Blackshoe. Why has Lars Blackshoe taken such in interest in Blopman? "Why else does he take an interest in these creatures?" says an anonymous critic of Lars. "Because he's responsible for creating them." With a new record in the works, Blopman is on the top of his form. His soulful renderings of Bob Marley classics have earned him a reputation as a world class artist; and his upcoming album featuring original reggae tracks has already been hailed as a brilliant, minimalist reinvention of Reggae without musical instruments, like Bobby McFerrin meets Bob Marley, with a touch of what Blopman calls "70's wang and twang" ." The people of Jamaica regard Blopman as a modern day Che Gueverra for his almost revolutionary and nonconformist views, though Blopman refuses to call himself a revolutionary. He has considerable support, particularly among his following of what are commonly regarded as "Blopheads," young college aged men and women who live and breath Blopman's music and philosophy on life, even going to far as to imitate his Rastafarian appearance.

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