ID 6
NAME Jaffe

Jaffe Teaser

Once known as the skyrise window washer of Mexico City, Jaffe, originally from Cancun, now wanders the deserts of Mexico and the U.S. with his torso-less compadre Wilboit. Their companionship was exploited by politicians as a means to encourage the elimination of trade barriers between the U.S. and Mexico; but Jaffe has nothing to say on the matter. In fact, he refuses to speak on any matter which doesn't concern his guru, Wilboit, a horseless head and a modern day oracle of Delphi (or so it has been claimed). The pair are inseparable; and Wilboit relies on Jaffe to transport him from town to town using nothing but a rusty old wheelbarrow with a wobbly wheel. With suction cups for feet and hands, Jaffe was a natural for the job of window washer where he scaled enormous highrises with relative ease. Rumor has it that Jaffe wasn't born with the suction cups which serve for hands and feet, but, rather, that Dr. Dingboit manufactured Jaffe in his lab, creating a lanky human composite to better study the nature of stick insects. There are neither parents or childhood friends available to claim otherwise. And so Jaffe remains a Brobbit enigma, with nothing but hearsay to account for his peculiar physiognomy. It's been said that NBC wants to employ Jaffe to clean the windows of Rockefeller Plaza, but Jaffe could not be reached for comment.

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