ID 17
NAME Nimpfette
SOUND umfeh

Nimfette Teaser

�@Nimfette may be old but he hasn't lost the charm which earned him a reputation for his unbridled passion in the spirited sixties. "Sure, he's not much to look at now," says ex-lover and aging screen siren Lana Lech, "but back then he was every woman's fantasy. No one cared about his duck feet. They came in quite useful, let me tell you." Now ridiculed by the press as an aged wanton, Nimfette, once an acquaintence of the Born to be Wild Brothers -- Rigrod and Jimbo --, still occupies the same artist's loft in Paris' Latin Quarter. "Sure his head droops and his belly sags," admits the American owner of a local bar, "but he drinks and womanizes just as much as he used to. No one sees much of him because he's too busy getting laid." Few, however, have ever heard Nimfette speak; and many have concluded that he cannot speak. But Nimfette doesn't use words, he uses his body; and it's the rapid pelvic thrusting which earned him sex symbol status. But the peculiarity of his anatomy -- his extended neck and webbed feet -- have prompted many to suspect that Dr. Dingboit, associate of Lars Blackshoe III, might have masterminded his conception well before having worked with Lars Blackshoe. Regardless of his origins, Nimfette's tireless energy is nothing short of inspirational.

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