ID 15
NAME Plaffiotto
SOUND rrah

Plafiotto Teaser

"He's an Easter egg with Spock ears," remarks a member of the audience at Plaffiotto's one man stage London show: Shakespeare and me, my favorite soliloquies. However, critics have not been kind, faulting Plaffiotto for his ridiculously thick Italian accent. "He makes a hash of things," writes theater critic Alistair Thrompton. "It's absolutely undigestible twaddle, as if Roberto Benigni were speaking with his mouth full of marbles. I'm sure his Italian isn't much better." Yet, Plaffiotto has as many admirers as he has detractors. "It's his sense of humor," explains a Blop-head. "It's all about how life doesn't make sense, about how we're misunderstood. It's totally deep, man; and I think he's a true poet." Those who know Plaffiotto personally, among them Old Jack Stout co-founder Effluvia Jack, describe him as something of a primadonna. " He's an uptight little git, who thinks he knows it all, and he don't even make any bloody sense," remarks Jack, also a fellow Thespian. Rumor has it that Plaffiotto has conned everyone into believing he can speak when he can't. "It's just noise," adds Jack. "He's a freak, is all." Currently rooming with Snarfopoulos, also in London for a private benefit, Plaffiotto prepares for his stint as ringleader of the upcoming Circus of Wonders. "We just have to work on his English a little," explains Lars Blackshoe who has every confidence he can mold Plaffiotto into an intelligible speaker.

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