Gloppajobb Gloppajobb

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NAME Gloppajobb
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Gloppajob Teaser

Spawned in a gourmet Tandoori restaurant in downtown Bombay one rainy evening, Gloppajob has mystified Bombay residents for years. Legend has it that Glopp literally flew from a steaming pot of spicy Ostrich and fish-head curry, frightening kitchen staff and diners alike by his hideous, malformed appearance. "It's as if all the Ostrich parts and the fish-eyes congealed in that pot to create a monster," says multilingual chef Punjab Kureshi. "It was like a manifestation of Shiva, the destroyer god. Or �c perhaps I used too much of that Blackshoe spice. I'd never made Ostrich and fish-head curry before." We may never know what life-giving element that pot contained, but whatever its origins, Gloppajob (so-called by locals) is a phenomenon. Living as far from human habitation as possible, he has eluded all attempts to capture him; but intrepid photographers have produced, for our Western eyes, many an image of him. Some call it a hoax, but "who would in their right mind would try to make something like that up," remarks an American who traveled to India in search of Gloppajob. "It's too far-fetched �c a steaming pot of curry �c come on. But I've still gotta see it with my own eyes." As you all know, Lars Blackshoe has sent men to capture Gloppajob, but so far there has been no word of the creature who must be more afraid of us than we could ever be afraid of it.

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