ID 9
NAME Drullah
SOUND uuuh

Drullah Teaser

"I've never seen the like," remarked Lars Blackshoe upon meeting Drullah for the first time during a safari treck in Kenya. "But apart from the abominable odor," writes Blackshoe in his memoirs, "I consider Drullah to be one of my more pleasant finds." Ever the collector, Blackshoe has already booked Drullah to appear in his upcoming Circus of Wonder. "The natives insist that I should showcase the foul and incessant flatulence which has compelled Drullah to a life of almost virtual solitude, but I prefer to showcase his commendable Elvis impression. It's better than Andy Kaufman's." So watch out Las Vegas, affix those clothes pins to your nose now because Drullah might soon be headlining the MGM Grand. Regrettably, Drullah, now sporting an Elvis-like pompadour, can only sustain an impression for ten seconds or so before he becomes too bloated to say a word. "He just puffs up," explains an anonymous observer, "and then for the next thirty seconds or so releases a steady flow of the most vile and pestilent stench imaginable. He's definitely an acquired taste, but a talented impressionist nonetheless." Doctors have been unable to stomach the odor long enough to offer even a single cure for Drullah's unfortunate gas. But Drullah remains undaunted and enthusiastic, now that rehearsals for the Circus of Wonders are just around the corner.

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