ID 11
NAME Rimpfinski
SOUND chowa

Rimfinski Teaser

Everyone knows Rimfinski, the peculiar tomato-shaped creature who tight-rope walked from one tower of the Kremlin to another. "He's crazy," reports an American eyewitness to one of his feats of daring-do. A featured player in the famed Russian Circus, Rimfinski (colloquial Russian for either "little whirlwind" or "oversized veggie") played the miraculous whirling dervish who spins, head to the floor, for minutes on end and at an astonishing rate of speed. Dancer and acrobat, this extraordinary three-foot tall daredevil and showman has no need for hands. Fellow performers have only been too eager to hand feed this emperor of the circus people. Like other Brobbits, Rinf has been unable to grasp the fundamentals of human language, communicating only with his characteristic and rhythmic chirps and gurgles. Some credit Rimfinski's existence to Dr. Dingboit's experiments with vegetable matter; but how else could such an anomaly be explained? Like other Brobbit enigmas, Rimf's origins remain a mystery. Yet, Dr. Dingboit has, so far, failed to deny rumors which have connected him to Rimf. As a side note, the rumor mill also reports that Rimfinski will be headlining Blackshoe's Circus of Wonders with the Italian Plaffiotto as ringleader.

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