ID 29
NAME Smookster
SOUND myouir

Smookster Teaser

For close to thirty years now, Smookster has been a guru to all those who believe in the virtues of free loving and living. Now one of Berkeley, California's principal attractions, Smookster has already inspired the creation of an annual music venue called Smooksterpalooza which, this year, will feature reggae artist, BlopMan of Jamaica. "Smookster is so mellow," remarks a Blop-head and Berkeley student who has flocked to Smookster's home for the weekly poetry readings. "I don't know what the hell it is .. He �c she �c but whatever it is, it's way cool." Like Old Jack's Stout mascot, Gripples, Smookster relishes a moist warbloid for lunch and dinner. Though Smookster's digestive inclinations often nauseate guests, Smookster always makes up for it by offering the potent bong hits from the special Smookspipe, something which resembles more of an oriental hookah than a bong. Allegedly, BlopMan can't wait to try out the famed Smooskpipe. Like other Brobbits, Smookster's origins remain a mystery. If Smookster's origins can be traced back to Dr. Dingboit's early experiments on genetic recreation of matter then Smookster's benevolence and Buddha-like calm attest to the nobility of Dingboit's intentions. But, like other Dingboit creations, Smookster does not appear to possess the capacity of speech; yet, this bird-frog, this happy-hippy has no trouble communicating it's good intentions with the offering of the smookster pipe.

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