ID 4
NAME MacGribbet
SOUND bila

MacGribbet Teaser

As a seemingly normal frog MacGribbet does not appear to earn a place among the peculiar aberrations of nature known as the Brobbits. But as the famed Highland talking frog from Aberdeen, MacGribbet is a sensation. Though largely overshadowed in significance by the mythical Loch Ness, MacGribbet has attracted an almost cultish following (who wear tartan caps and undersized shirts which read: "I've talked to MacGribbet'), most of whom have never set eyes upon the frog but who believe wholeheartedly in his existence. MacGribbet has come to our attention only because eccentric billionaire Lars Blackshoe III has publicly declared his life quest (next to the installation of his Barnum and Baileyesque circus of oddities) to be the capture of MacGribbet. Lars Blackshoe claims to have seen the frog wearing a beautifully tailored Tartan cap and lounging on a rock located in a Highland stream. "He spoke to me," writes Lars in his published memoirs, "and told me in an almost unintelligible Scottish brogue, that 'with me lie the secrets of the universe, and they shall be yours only if you can catch me, wee man.' And with that he slid into the stream never to be seen again." Of course, there are those who say Lars Blackshoe was off his rocker, much like his imbecilic ward Donely, but he's not alone in his fervent belief in MacGribbet's existence. Who can say that the believers are wrong?

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