Von Stupples Der Pooples

ID 12
NAME Von Stupples Der Pooples
NICKNAME Von Stupples
SOUND vellvellvell

Von Stupples Teaser

Some say that Von Stupples der Pooples, Lars Blackshoe's advisor and accountant from Stuttgart, acquired his canine-like disposition due to a misconceived experiment sponsored by billionaire Blackshoe. Only allegations that Von Stupples (who acquired the appellation Der Pooples because of his proclivity towards pooping on other people's front lawns) embezzled money from Blackshoe, or claims that he was significantly involved in the financially draining secret experiments in biological modification could account for Blackshoe's rage when asked about Von Stupples. Rumor has it that Lars punished Von Stupples for some wrongdoing by coercing him into personally participating in the experiments. Whatever the truth, Von Stupples can't say, for he can muster nothing more than a growl, a bark, or a howl. There are those who feel sorry for Von Stupples, but Von Stupples is the epitome of the well-loved, pampered pooch; and it's been said that Lars, guilt-ridden for what happened to Stupples, has men take good care of Von Stupples, even buying him the finest clothes obtainable. Despite Von Stupples' predilection for belly rubs, sniffing dogs asses and chasing perplexed mailmen, he still maintains an uncanny sense of style. Ever the dapper gent, his misfortunate incontinence (as if he'd never been potty trained) has failed to undermine his GQ appearance or diminish his sex appeal. Only last year, Von Stupples was voted most eligible bachelor of Stuttgart.

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