ID 28
NAME Jimbo
LOCATION New �iersey
SOUND guuuh

Jimbo Teaser

"The 70's have never taken their toll on anyone quite like they've taken their toll on Jimbo," quips publisher Freddy Smuttison in his famous article. "He and his brother Rigrod were like Hopper and Fonda in Easy Rider, two outcasts in search of the American dream." The Rigrodowski brothers raced cars but when Rigrod lost both of his legs in a car crash, Jimbo "spiraled into a nihilistic inferno of cocaine, prostitutes and risky car stunts which would eventually cost him over half of his brain." When Jimbo played chicken with an oncoming train, he suffered a concussion and the loss of a leg. The second time he did it, he lost his other leg and an arm. Not to be daunted by the loss of three of his limbs, Jimbo had a vehicle, specially constructed just as Rigrod had done after his accident, enabling him to manipulate the vehicle with the use of only his left hand and mouth. The third time he attempted to play chicken with an oncoming train, Jimbo lost his remaining arm. But when the force of the impact shattered his skull, Jimbo lost most of his cerebrum. "Thank God he still had a brain stem," remarks Nesbit Melvin who remembered how Jimbo's stunts put Evil Keneval's to shame. Jimbo spent three months in a coma, at the end of which time he awoke a changed man: without the power of speech and unable to walk or eat without assistance. Allergies, which have afflicted him with a perpetual runny nose, present unfortunate problems for the nurses who care for him, as does his incontinence. "He's totally non responsive," explains his nurse, "but whenever we let him watch "Smokey and the Bandit," with Burt Reynolds, he smiles." But despite the loss of his limbs and 3/4 of his brain, Jimbo is a survivor. And now that Dr. Dingboit has offered to install a new brain inside of him, should a willing donor make the offer, Jimbo's prospects for the future look good.

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