Nesbit Melvin

ID 19
NAME Nesbit Melvin
LOCATION Los Angeles
SOUND cwoool

Nesbit Melvin Teaser

Recently coming to public prominence as Lars Blackshoe's right hand man ("My second," as Lars likes to call him), Nesbit Melvin still provides Blackshoe with assistance as both personal accountant and as a developer at LarsNet. The elusive and eccentric billionaire credits much of his success to Melvin's astute advice. "He knows everything," Blackshoe remarks. Financial genius and ladies' man, Melvin, who makes regular appearances in dance clubs and singles bars around the U.S. and Canada (including one of his favorite stop-overs in Saskatoon, Canada), has become something of an overnight sensation. What's more, no one has an unkind word to say about this mysterious charmer. But it's not Melvin's behind-the-scenes persona which has attracted so much notice; rather, it's his reputation as a swinging, club-hopping, sharp-attired creature of the night which has turned heads. "He may have been a bit of a nerd," says a fellow graduate of State Business School, "but he knew how to party. He and that friend of his -- Wacko I think they call him now -- blazed through here like bats out of hell. Wacko partied too hard and dropped out, but Melvin wound up graduating Cum Laude." Says a fellow female classman who dated him in college, "he wasn't much to look at. His ears and teeth are absolutely hideous. But what he could do between the sheets was nothing short of miraculous. With lines like "let me be the supply to your demand," who knew he could hypnotize half the female student body the way he did? And no woman could say no to him. But once I told him I couldn't live without him, he dumped me; he left me high and dry and yet I couldn't hold it against him." Melvin currently teaches swing dancing in his home town of L.A.. But when asked how he felt about the demise of this short-lived craze, Melvin says, "swing dancing is alive and well, thank you very much. Hey, it's the swingingest town in the world, Daddy-O."

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