ID 1
NAME Frobbitawa
SOUND thwpp

Frobbitawa Teaser

Though the precise origins of Frobbitawa remain a mystery, Japan still considers it a homegrown conundrum. Referred to as the Japanese "Loch Ness" despite his diminutive size, Frobbitawa is best known for his preternaturally long tongue which snakes its way out of the Frobbitawa carp pool near Kyoto to capture the odd flies which are foolish enough to linger too close to the water. Frobbitawa's penchant for flies knows no bounds, and only the lure of a fresh batch of flies (released by the odd mischievous thrill-seeker) will ever draw him out of his peaceful aquatic lair. Yet, "Frobbitawa loves to lick" (or so say the teeshirts which vendors sell near the pool) and will eagerly lick just about anything that comes within tongue's length of him. And if eyewitness reports are to be believed, Frobbitawa has what appear to be elephant feet, human molars, a frog's water permeable skin and what can only be called a lion's mane about his neck. They say Frobbitawa has to be seen to be believed. But many credit Dr. Dingboit, once in the employ of eccentric billionaire Lars Blackshoe III, with the creation of Frobbitawa. But whether or not he was the misconceived result of one of Lars Blackshoe's funded attempts at creating new animal species makes no difference to the Japanese. "Who cares about Pokemon anymore," says one excited resident of Kyoto. " Long live Frobbitawa!"

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