Jabbazhad (Baravarian&Baradarian)

ID 14
NAME Jabbazhad (Baravarian&Baradarian)
SOUND bopp/bapp

Jabbazhad Teaser

Regarded by Persian-Americans as the Iranian equivalent of "Abbott and Costello," and by their more earnest Muslim counterparts in Iran as the "greatest jokesters since Mohammed, who allegedly farted and called it the will of Allah (though I believe Salman Rushdie went into hiding for ten years or so because of just such a remark), the Jabbazhad have not escaped notice. After hosting Iran Comic Relief IX, the Jabbazhad (collectively) and (Baravarian and Baradarian individually) came to popular attention by their brand of Jim Carrey/ Jerry Lewis hijinks. But "their true love is acrobatics," explains manager Ali Chaficho (pronounced with a silent C). "They trained in the Russian circus and worked with the likes of Rimfinski; and it's where they learned to leap, somersault, backflip and swallow fire. They can hang from ropes using nothing but their chompers and spin like regular Rimfs." Baravarian (the straight man) and Baradarian (the unadultered goofball) -- or is Baravarian the goofball? -- have their sights set, quite naturally, on the Circus of Wonders. As for their origins, it's anyone's guess. And, to make matters more confusing, Dr. Dingboit has expressly denied any responsibility. But whatever science lab has birthed this comic duo, it doesn't matter. All that matters is the freshness of their physical humor (even funnier if you can understand Persian) and the breathtaking originality of their stunts.

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