ID 10
NAME Warbloid
LOCATION Sewage Network
SOUND thhhhwoop

Warbloid Teaser

When Ethel Burham of London first saw a family of Warbloids ensconced in her toilet bowl, she was horrified and called the police. The local constabulary were mystified. Scientists, however, were utterly fascinated by the enigmatic life form which has emerged in the last ten years. "We've seen them in London and the rest of Europe," says a biologist by the name of Floyd Cockinbush. "And now they've been spotted in east-coast cities of the United States. If we're not careful, there may be more of these creatures in our sewers than there are rats. And then we could have a real epidemic on our hands." You've probably heard the saying, "you'd better check the toilet bowl before you sit on it." Besides, who wouldn't cringe at the thought of a warbloid rubbing against your nether regions when you're straddling the crapper. "Don't want one of them things up me arse," asserted a local London resident. "They're disgusting." Thankfully, scientists have been hard at work in an attempt to understand the warbloid, and to learn enough so that we can reduce their swelling numbers. "Imagine a sea urchin without the hard shell," explains Cockinbush, "and imagine black tendrils so minute they look like mammal hair; add eyes and you've got yourself a warbloid. They secrete an adhesive substance which helps attach themselves to walls and ceilings, but we don't know how they achieve trajectory. We've seen warbloids shoot themselves from one wall to another ten feet away, but we don't know how. It's as if they fly on will-power alone. Utterly amazing." Could Dr. Dingboit be responsible for the introduction of this pest into our sewage systems or is it just another Brobbit enigma?

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