Rouble Fluxum

ID 22
NAME Rouble Fluxum
SOUND rupple

Rouble Fluxum Teaser

Even if you haven't heard the phrase "Wise as old Solomon," you will, no doubt, have heard the expression "as well-read as a Rouble-Fluxum." What is a Rouble Fluxum, you might ask? According to the Zoroastrian tradition, a rouble fluxum represents the culmination of all possibility and the bridging of the human world with the divine. According to lay scholars in Mecca where Rouble Fluxum resides, it means the "discharge of holy fluid from a body cavity." But whatever the case, Rouble Fluxum has irreparably altered the nature of religious pilgrimages. "Now, on holy days," explains Farhoud Bahlsufsteale, a local vagrant, "people come not to give praise to Allah but to ask questions of Rouble Fluxum." The name Rouble Fluxum has been in the news only because of Lars Blackshoe's proclaimed intention of using Rouble Fluxum to create a search engine for LarsNet called "Ask Rouble." But when asked how he proposed to pry Rouble free of his fanatical following in Saudi Arabia, Lars elected not to comment. Naturally, many suspect that Rouble Fluxum belonged to Lars Blackshoe in the first place, as an attempt by Doctor Dingboit to create a veritable book worm. Yet, there are some who insist that Rouble Fluxum is nothing but a hoax. Says famous skeptic Effluvia Jack, "he doesn't know a bloody thing. These confidence tricksters pretend to translate what Rouble says, but they can't understand him because it's all gibberish. So they just answer the questions themselves." Is Rouble Fluxum fact or fancy? We may never know.

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