ID 30
NAME Yipples
SOUND yipp yipp

Yipples Teaser

Few have heard the blood-curdling yips of Yipples without being forever changed by the experience. 'I've never heard the like," explains Lars Blackshoe in his memoirs. "We were sailing down the Amazon in search of new life when we heard it. To the men working the boat, it was something demonic, but to me it was a siren song. I've been smitten, but try as I might, I could not locate the creature, nor have I been able to since." Based upon reports by natives who have glimpsed Yipples scampering though the dense Amazonian rainforest, the creature appears to bear no resemblance to any known animal life. Brazilian authorities, concerned about the fearful yipping, have attempted to capture Yipples by luring him closer to human habitation with strategically placed barrels of fried bananas. Yipples consumes the bananas but has never been caught in the act; but native forest dwellers have noticed the increased size of Yipples' belly, due, most likely, to the barrels of consumed friend bananas. According to the Public Inquisitor, Lars Blackshoe III has vowed to make Yipples an addition to the Circus of Wonders. 'I'll find him," remarks Blackshoe, "even if I die trying." Brazilian authorities pursue the creature themselves, but fear that the human ear might not be able to withstand a Yipples yip up close has forced them to maintain their distance. Rumor naturally attributes Yipples to Dingboit, but hasn't every biological enigma been attributed to Dr. Dingboit? But of all the creatures, Yipples possesses the most remarkable vocal ability, one which must make him easy to find in the long run. "Oh,' utters Blackshoe with a groan "if only MacGribbet yipped. I might have found him by now."

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