What's New

With the Brobbitpedia now up and running, we've also put the final touches on the flash Intro and will begin work on Chapter 1 of the Brobbits Saga.

Looking forward to unleashing the Brobbits on the world at large.



A five minute introduction to the fantastically familiar world of Lars Blackshow III and his baffling creations: the Brobbits.

The first in a set of ten episodes! ||

   In a span of thirty years, Lars Blackshoe III has created a tech, alternative energy, pharmaceutical, fermented beverage empire spanning the globe. But the world's wealthiest man has made many powerful and influential enemies, and they, with the assistance of clones of Lars' PR man Bill Yaysman, are quickly closing in.
   Blamed for creating genetically altered organisms, Lars has recruited many of these biological curiosities from around the globe to perform in his upcoming circus of wonders in Las Vegas. Public fear of these so-called freaks, also known as Brobbits, has reached a fever pitch, has inspired poplar movements like the milk party while giving his enemies further ammunition.
   Since being blamed for the mysterious disappearance of his former business partner, famed geneticist and alleged Brobbit-maker doctor Ezekiel Dingboit, Lars has chosen a life of strict solitude. His plans to recover Dr. D, as well as his reputation, have been to no avail.
   The recent return of extraterrestrials known as Floobs - come to earth to take corn to their cornless home planet of Floobot - has fanned the flames of fear. Not only has Lars been blamed for inviting Floobs to earth, he has also taken the blame for effluvia (known as Fluv), a known Floobot contaminant and increasingly popular street drug.
   With the world on the brink of dramatic change, it's said that not only the Floobs but the Brobbits are signs of the end of days. It's also been said that once the mystery of the Brobbits is revealed, Lars' reputation will be cleared and humanity might even be saved from itself.